Poetry is my jam

I write poems that are meant to be sung, to be spoken, to be read silently on a train in the rain, to live in books, to be kept in the back pocket of your jeans, just in case (who doesn’t need an emergency poem now and then?).

Find my work in Conceptions Southwest , The Chaffey Review,  Cardinal Sins,  and 3Elements Review.

I have work forthcoming in the latest editions of Conceptions Southwest, The Chaffey Review, Apeiron Review, Ellipsis, The Platform Review, Toe Good, and Roanoke Review.

I’m also always making new zines, because life is too short to not make zines.


Spit Poet

reading poem at LoboSlam
Photo credit: Reina Davis

I was a member of the 2016 Lobo Slam team, the University of New Mexico’s official poetry slam team, took third in the 2017 ABQ WOWPS qualifier, and am the current Lobo Slam Champion.