Poetry is my jam.

I write lyric poems, free verse, forms (with a particular love for sonnets and sestinas), elegies, and slam poems. Poems that are meant to be sung, to be spoken, to be read silently on a train in the rain, to live in books, to be kept in the back pocket of your jeans, just in case (who doesn’t need an emergency poem now and then?).

My poems are published in Conceptions Southwest and The Chaffey Review. I’m also in the process of self publishing zines.  If you are interested in purchasing or publishing my work, please contact me.

Spit Poet

I was a member of the 2016 Lobo Slam team, the University of New Mexico’s official poetry slam team and have competed in ABQ’s City Slam and the Albuquerque WOWPS qualifier.

I can frequently be found performing at Albuquerque slams and open mics. If you’d like to hire me to perform poetry, please contact me.