In the Absence of Sirens

I didn't grow up in a big city. Las Cruces, New Mexico, population 100,000 and growing. But it wasn't tiny either. My bedroom window faced the street, so I was no stranger to the night time sounds of cars rushing past, the occasional siren, or motorcycle. I could hear the train whistle from my bathroom … Continue reading In the Absence of Sirens


The rum is actually all gone, so is the magic

Captain Jack Sparrow stumbled his way onto the big screen in 2003. At eight, I couldn’t imagine anything better than being a pirate (or a jedi, or a wizard—between Star Wars and Fantastic Beasts, I feel like my childhood movie going experiences are experiencing a renaissance). The Curse of the Black Pearl is a prime … Continue reading The rum is actually all gone, so is the magic

Water is Life

Water is life, according to Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Water Protectors and the astronomers who found seven potentially habitable planets in another galaxy (why are they potentially habitable? The distance between them and their star means water could exist on their surfaces).